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Business Philosophy

The Thaiyaree Rubber Co., Ltd, operates under a firm commitment to manufacturing products that meet international standards of quality or exceed internationally recognized standards. For this reason, the company continually improves and develops its products so that they are able to meet the needs of our customers and secure their satisfaction.

Ribbed smoked sheet rubber may be produced either from unsmoked sheet rubber or from latex. The raw materials used in the two methods differ, in particular, the principal raw materials. The production process using latex involves a greater number of steps and also a broader range of raw materials than does the process using unsmoked sheet rubber. The raw materials used in the former process but not in the latter include latex and formic acid, which helps make latex coagulate. In any case, in most manufacturing plants, the raw material used in the production process is unsmoked sheet rubber. The rubber commands in the market depends on the quality of the sheet produced.


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Unsmoked sheets (USS 1-2-3-4-5)

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 Unsmoked sheet rubber production

After it is collected from rubber plantations, latex is filtered to remove foreign matter, and then chemicals are added, to make the latex coagulate. Following this, the coagulated latex is pressed and then dried. It may then be made into unsmoked sheet rubber, air-dried sheet rubber, or smoked sheet rubber. The principles of making quality rubber are simple. The rubber must be clean, it must be pressed into thin sheets, and the color of the sheet must be even and uniform.



Ribbed Smoked sheets (RSS3)

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Ribbed Smoked cube(RSS3)


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